Toxins Out...

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

To help deal with my sensitivities with exposure to certain chemicals in this world that are beyond my control I needed to Detox. My first way to detox was to start eliminating the food and products that came up on my “immune sensitivity allergy test” the ELISA ACT allergy test. Food was somewhat easy since I am not a big eater but reading ingredient labels was imperative now. I thought I was reading labels but I was still trusting food companies to put label descriptions on the front of the products that I was purchasing. Soon to find out the labels are just filled with half truths, words to get our attention. Key words that are popular and attract people like me looking to clean up the toxic overload. It now takes me much longer to shop and can’t go shopping without my glasses! This was not only for food but household cleaners and personal items as well. Don’t even get me started on household cleaners I have tried so many different brands and now just make my own with vinegar, water a tiny bit of approved dish soap,essential oils to give it more anti bacterial strength, nicer smell all while helping to keep bugs away. This was helping a lot of my symptoms but the biggest thing was the Infrared sauna. I was told by one of my naturapathic Doctors to use a Infared sauna as much as I can.

to be continued.........

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Here at Facewear, we are passionate about providing and using the best possible products that are free from TOXIC ingredients. The products we offer are free from Toxic ingredients to keep your skin glowing and healthy, without causing disease.



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