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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I first started my skin care care career over 20 years ago with a well known plastic surgeon Dr. Martha MacGuffie at her Skin Care Center. She was not only an advocate in trying to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa but she was also one of the first practices that offered facials for patients suffering from certain skin ailments. I was first introduced to using Essential Oils at the Skin Care Center as well as using products like the all natural alternative to a chemical peel "The Green Peel". From there I moved to Hollywood, California where I went to school to learn how to do SPFX makeup and makeup for Film & TV. While attending school there I worked with Rachel Perry who was a true pioneer in natural skin care products. While writing songs that earned her platinum and gold records she also decided to create some natural skin care products in her kitchen. From there she took the products to local Health Food Stores where it grew into a million dollar business. She was truly ahead of her time. Her line was very focused on plant based ingredients, color and aromatherapy as well as cruelty free. She also wanted to make sure you can actually read the ingredient list and understand it. She had a pamphlet available with a list of all the ingredients she used with the source and what benefits it had for the skin.

I then came back to NY and worked with all types of media doing makeup. I also never stopped working with skin care. I helped Rachel Perry out in some New York locations as well as Dr. MacGuffie at the Skin Care Center. While working on Music Videos I was inspired to create lip colors that were suitable for all skin tones. Creating them and then selling them to Nordstroms & Bloomingdales as well as boutiques internationally. In 2001 I opened my first Studio primarily doing Makeup than branching into Skin Care and Facials. I no longer have the makeup line I created but I launched a line of skin care that is made with mostly plant based and organic ingredients and of course includes essential oils. I do carry various lines of natural and organic makeup in the studio. My past experiences not only inspired me to use natural ingredients but be an advocate for being more aware of the effects of chemicals used and the diseases they can cause or contribute to. I could not have accomplished all that I have done and will do if it wasn’t for the strong women I worked with.

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