Love is in the air - This is what you will say and feel when you wear The Love Watercolor Shadow Collection.  A beatiful golden champagne color gives you that warm feeling when the sun hits your face while the warm rusty reds help to shape and define your eyes and the brown shadow lifts them.

Love Watercolor Shadow Collection

  • You need to have your #200 Cozette brush and a container of water. Dip the brush into the liquid to saturate it dabbing on tissue or paper towel to push water into brush Repeat as needed.

    Dab damp brush gently into the center shadow color and roll it around then apply to entire lid (not up to brow)starting in the center by lash line and go all the up to the crease and slightly above dab back into liquid or shadow as needed until lid is covered.

    Making sure brush is still damp dab into the Amber Rust color & apply to outer half of lid up to the crease and slightly above. If you have any harsh edge lines you can dab into the first color again and dab onto the edges to soften.

    I suggest Mythology for a softer look and Ninja for a more piercing - apply to top lid first starting at outer corner and make dashes all the way to inner lid by tear duct. If you want to lift the eye a bit start at outer corner and draw a line upward from bottom lash line angling to brow. You decide how much lift you'd like. Bottom liner I suggest making small dashes just under the lash line.

    To lift the eyes more dab brush into dark Brown then dab on the outer most corner where the liner is -like a sideways V -just gentle dabs will add enough color. To Soften edge lines, dab with fingertip or wipe off brush and use the brush. Apply mascara. I like to dab into all three colors with tip of brush or disposable lip gloss wand and apply to bottom lash line to give a soft smudgey look.

    Champagne lip gloss gives a warm lovely glow to your lips to tie it all together.


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