This is my go to foundation - it offers  non toxic sunscreeen ingredients equivalent to SPF 20- MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex formulations is:Non-smearing, long-lasting coverage.Oil free - can be used on any skin type.Non-comedogenic - does not clog pores.Adapts to skin pigmentation – versatile in that one skin color may be able to use a range of up to three different shades (or vice-versa for tanning) because of the way the color pigments adapt to skin tones.Helps to reduce moisture loss.Provides another layer of SenePlex Complex. Water-resistant.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

 Ingredients utilized in the foundation include minerals and but do not contain oils, emulsifiers, waxes, stearates (salts), fatty, alcohols, or sulfates.

Here are a few key components:SenePlex Complex – Kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal.

Cymbidium Grandiflorum (Orchid) Flower Extract – a plant native to the South Pacific, which has long been a source of excellence for the preparation of emollient products. This powerful anti-oxidant provides free-radical protection and maximum moisturization.The Cymbidium Grandifloum (Orchid) Flower Extract is very effective as a sunscreen.

Algae (Seaweed) Extract – hydrates, protects skin from the sun, and softens the skin. It is essential in the penetration of the top layer of the stratum corneum and enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Tocopheryl (and Tocopheryl Acetate) – Vitamin E, essential for maintaining the activities of enzymes in the cells and for the formation of red blood cells.

Yeast Extract – a source of folic acid (a member of the vitamin B complex) that aids in formation of new healthy tissues and promotes new cell formation.

Glucosamine HCL – enhances the body’s ability to manufacture collagen.


I do not carry all the colors in this line - I choose the ones that I feel best suit most skin tones. 

Almond is great for Fair skin

Dewey is great for the next shade up from Fair

Tan is great for those with a little more color but not too dark the name TAN is deceptive - ( Tan is my what I wear with OS6 Concealer & Nude Antonym Powder)

Cafe Au Lait is for those with more color either from a tan or just naturally a bit darker skin tone.

Golden Tan is for Dark skin tones - it blends pretty well into even darker tones without looking ashy. (unfortunately  and typical they haven't gotten the darker tones perfected yet) 




Make Sense Foundation/Senegence



    Here at Facewear, we are passionate about providing and using the best possible products that are free from TOXIC ingredients. The products we offer are free from Toxic ingredients to keep your skin glowing and healthy, without causing disease.



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