The Glide Gel is a safe and highly effective conductive gel that works perfectly with any device that requires a gliding gel such as Microcurrent or Ultrasound.


The formula is a super clean ingredient deck that all skin types can use.

Neo Genesis Glide Gel (4oz.)

  • The most effective way to use Glide Gel is to first apply the NeoGenesis serum of your choice, then brush on the Glide Gel, working in sections.

    To rehydrate the Gel, spray our Moisturizing Mist on the area treated with the Gel.  Remove the Gel with a warm washcloth or cotton wipes when finished with your treatment, whether doing a home treatment or in the professional treatment room.


Here at Facewear, we are passionate about providing and using the best possible products that are free from TOXIC ingredients. The products we offer are free from Toxic ingredients to keep your skin glowing and healthy, without causing disease.



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