A lightweight, powerful device that uses professional-grade low-frequency ultrasound to activate skin metabolism and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. 


  • The skin feels tighter as you use the device for immediate and lasting anti-aging improvements.
  • Oxygen to the cells increases and waste is removed from the pores throughout your treatment. 
  • Ultrasound vibrations at 90,000 waves per second (90 kHz) with only a slight warming of the skin.
  • The device measures the same frequency as a professional-grade laser device, but the energy is low and does not damage the skin like the heat from a laser treatment.
  • It's a home treatment that rivals getting a facial from an esthetician. 
  • Ultrasound waves cause a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, which removes wastes, strengthens, lifts, and plumps the skin.
  • The rapid oscillation of tissue action of ultrasound will induct collagen.
  • The skin tightening and the plumping effect occur as you are using the device.

Time Master Pro by Sculplla

$750.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price
  • Use the Time Master Pro just twice a week (no more) and just 10 minutes each treatment (no more) - use a conductive gel to keep skin moist and glide around the skin. See FacewearTV videos on demos on how to use it. 

    The Time Master Pro offers a multitude of skin care benefits in one powerful device.


Here at Facewear, we are passionate about providing and using the best possible products that are free from TOXIC ingredients. The products we offer are free from Toxic ingredients to keep your skin glowing and healthy, without causing disease.



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