This four step process will cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate your skin thoroughly and safely. Your skin will feel the cleanest it's ever felt and will result in glowing radiant skin.  45 mini


The cleansing and lifting facial.  You get the super cleansing and hydration from the HydraFacial plus a mini version of the anti-aging MicroCurrent Lift. Your skin will look and feel amazing with no downtime and great to do a day or two before a big event. 60 min.

The Lift

A lifting treatment that uses pain free MicroCurrent  stimulation to strengthen over 35 facial muscles. Reduce puffiness and achieve firmer, tighter and a more youthful looking skin. Followed by the healing and plumping oxygen treatment. 

Radio-Frequency & Lift

Radio-frequency is our newest addition. This heated relaxing treatment will make a significant difference to your skin. Whether it be lifting or smoothing out wrinkles. A series of 6-8 treatments are needed weekly  or biweekly and results should last 6-12 months. A maintenance program will be discussed for you. 60 min.

Honey & Oxygen

This delicious facial begins with ta gentle exfoliation then dives right into the sweetest 20 minute facial massage using our self heating Honey & Echinacea  mixture. Followed with the healing and plumping 95% pure oxygen treatment.  You will feel super relaxed and your skin will be glowing for days. 45 min.
add on 15 minutes of micro current lifting for additional $30

The Red Carpet

This facial is by far the best!  It's the most effective as far as deep cleansing and exfoliation of dull dead skin while the lift and smoothing  you get is truly amazing. It is a combination of the HydraFacial with the Radio Frequency & Lift. 95min.

Brow Shaping

Professional tweezing to get you the brow shape like a Celebrity. 30min.

Gentle Blue Wax

Lip Wax - $20
Chin Wax - $30
Neck Wax- $30

Makeup Application

Makeup Application in Studio.

45 min.     $90

Makeup Application on Location

60min.      $300

Makeup for Special Occasions on Location

I will come to your location and do a minimum of 5 faces/4 hours.  Additional fees may apply for travel or early AM appointments .

False Lash Application

False lashes added to any Makeup service. Our lashes or yours. We prefer to use ours - several sizes of tapered individual lashes to create a soft look or more dramatic.  

$20 additional.

If you prefer to just have False Lashes applied we do a special layer of glue and lashes which can sometimes last for up to 7 days with special care. 

Makeup for Halloween

Discuss with me prior to the day to ensure I have the supplies to create your special  look.  60min plus.
$150 and up.

Sculplla Facial

Another one of Hollywoods secret.    Sculplla contains Poly L Lactic Acid [PLLA]. It also has peptides like EGF which helps collagen production, skin gets brighter with use, pores tighten, blackhead are reduced, and of course it has the plumping effect (think non-invasive filler) no down-time! Just refrain from sweating, getting wet and makeup for 8 hours. Can last up to 4-8 weeks. Cumulative effect, each one will create a smoother better look to your skin (and last longer)


Time Machine

The very unique treatment of the time machine can be added to any facial. Takes 10 minutes and you will definitely feel it working. 
Time Machine works as the ultrasound waves cause a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, known as “cascade of inter-cellular communication.” It strengthens and lifts.
As you move the device on your skin will feel tight, almost immediately. As you pass the treated area, and throughout this process, oxygen to the cells increases and removes wastes in the pores.
Includes light therapy for extra benefits.
$25 add on


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