The Red Carpet

This facial is amazing!  It's the most effective to deep clean clogged pores and exfoliate dull dead skin so it can finally breathe and accept moisture to hydrate and heal. Your Red Carpet treatment continues with a variety of treatments customized according to the needs of your skin. Your skin may need extra cleaning to help rid your skin of stubborn black heads and clear up really clogged skin. If you suffer from sagging skin or fine lines you will be lifted and toned. Oxygen spray is of course included to soothe and heal. Each Red Carpet is customized for the individual in order to see results right away. 
$300 - 95/120 minutes depending on your needs.

Sculplla Celebrity Treatment

Another one of Hollywoods secret. The Celebrity Treatment consists of cleansing with an exfoliating scrub, followed by radio frequency, microcurrent and finished with the exraordinary Sculplla mask. Sculplla mask contains Poly L Lactic Acid [PLLA]. It also has peptides like EGF which helps collagen production, skin gets brighter with use, pores tighten, blackhead are reduced, and of course it has the plumping effect (think non-invasive filler) no down-time! Just refrain from sweating, getting wet and makeup for 8 hours. The amazing results can last up to 4-8 weeks. Cumulative effect, each one will create a smoother better look to your skin (and last longer)  

$325- 120 minutes


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